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Our goal for Regina Dominican Building Her Tomorrow is to create a campus that matches and evolves with the dynamic education happening inside and outside. This will be achieved through a four-phased approach that will result in a $40 million transformation of our campus. 

  • Create a student-centered experience from the moment you walk through our doors. The student entrance will feature a light, open space that houses a learning resource center, the dining space, and broad “learning stairs” where our school community can come together for weekly gatherings and activities. Throughout every space, the building’s design will honor and reflect the prestige of a Regina education. 

  • Strengthen the Athletics Hub – We will be adding air conditioning to the gym, a new roof and new thermal windows. We will also be modernizing our locker rooms, have new athletic offices and team spaces as well as a new fitness center.

  • Develop and enhance spaces that elevate learning at Regina Dominican—from a new chapel space where students can pray, meditate, and reflect; to arts spaces like a new dance studio and renovated music room; to green spaces that provide opportunities for new types of learning activities and promote students’ social and emotional wellbeing. 

  • Make more effective use of our space—reducing the overall square footage to better serve our school community; ensuring that every part of our school is put to good use; creating a more sustainable, economical campus; and ensuring function and flexibility in the learning environment.

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Campaign Chairs

Corinne ‘70 and Bill McClintic

Melanie ‘81 and Dan Peterson 

Campaign Steering Committee

S. Donna Markham ‘64

S. Nancy Murray ‘65

S. Fran Nadolny

S. Mary Margaret Pachucki

Kim and Dan Leahy

Courtney Loeb ‘80

Liz and Jim Maloney

Molly McDonnell ‘95

Julia McGuire

Sheila Mickus 

Connie and Dave Morrison

Carol Rizzie ‘68

Dorothy Turek and George Sullivan

Sarah Thorrens ‘82

Mary Collins White ‘83

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